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WHITE (2011) x When the Buildings Began to Bleed (2019)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

“Together we can survive the Sun,” promises a service from WHITE (2011) by A. Sayeeda Moreno.

Set in a future where the Sun blisters all-year, WHITE follows a desperate father-to-be. As he hustles to afford medical care for his wife, he finds his skin is more valuable off his body.

Moreno’s horrifying short grapples with the future collapse of our climate and the commodification of Black bodies like @bacontribe's “When the Buildings Began to Bleed”, the first in our Kilimanjaro Collection. Watch WHITE in full below.

#afrofuturism #blacklivesmatter #blm #melanin #scifi #blackaudiodrama #technology #dystopia #climate #environmentalism

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