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Kilamanjaro Collection: "When The Buildings Began To Bleed" by Vanessa Taylor

"At the end of the day, their mistake was simple: they sent her body to the masjid."

Read the story on Medium here.

Written by Vanessa Taylor and narrated by Ellen Chamberlain. Follow Vanessa on twitter @bacontribe.

Our theme song was created by YANJU. This episode’s sounds included the following: "Wind Chime, Gamelan Gong, A.wav" and "Door, Wooden, Close, A (H1).wav" by InspectorJ (, "Wooden Door - Closing" by angelkunev, "Wind blowing through castle tower" by Astounded, "Light Rain.mp3" by babuababua, "sssh.wav" by elliedixon, "Shhhhh.wav" by PlumForestPodcast, and "Shush Better.wav" by ymyogev. All on

This project is supported by a 2019 Rubys Artist Grant, which is a program of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation @

#afrofuturism #blacklivesmatter #blm #Minneapolis #obsidian #technology #scifi #blackaudiodrama #climate #writing #fiction #environmentalism

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