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Kilamanjaro Collection: "Bodies of Matter" by M.C. Tapera

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Finding herself amidst a crisis, Zora strives for something that causes her to look upwards, towards the stars.

Bodies of Matter_MC Tapara
Download PDF • 25KB

Written and narrated by M.C. Tapera. Follow Marisha on instagram @mcrituli. Our theme song was created by YANJU.

This project is supported by a 2019 Rubys Artist Grant, which is a program of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation @

This episode’s sounds included the following: “Ambience, Night Wildlife, A.wav” by InspectorJ, “Wooden Door.wav” by vero.marengere, “Walking” by 13GPanska_Taborsky_Radovan, “SFX 2_02.wav” by Grim13, “slow deep breath and sharp intake of breath (breathing).wav” by Tac_333, “Fluffing A Blanket”by HeyHeyHHere, “ Typing message on a mobile phone” by zachrau, “Lying on bed” by avakas, “Bed creak.wav” by MootMcnoodles, “sleeping on couch.wav” by bwav, “Water + ice cube 2” by giddster, “double_cough_01.wav” by joedeshon, “Pouring water into glass” by FillSoko, and “ Cough.wav” by Harris85. All on

#afrofuturism #blacklivesmatter #blm #obsidian #technology #scifi #blackaudiodrama #climate #writing #fiction #environmentalism #pandemic #dystopia

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